Supported coins

BTC, LTC, DOGE, QRK, FTC, CGA, DGC are currently supported. You want your favorite coin supported? Create a post on our subreddit and let your friends upvote it! Stay tuned, because we are working on more!

Multiple block chains at once!

To give you back some space in your taskbar you can now manage multiple wallets of 7 different coins in only one window!

Very low volume fees

Because we need funds to continue the development, we need to charge a superlow fee of 0.15 % per sending transaction. Comparison: Cryptsy charges 0.5 % per trade.

Our thanks to

We want to thank all authors of the MultiBit project for their work, they did a great job in creating and maintaining a super light weight Bitcoin client. You may have noticed, we use their user interface. Make sure you honor their work!

BitcoinJ was extremely helpful, we used parts of the code and adopted many ideas.
Also we want to thank all contributers listed at the the MultiBit repository on GitHub and everybody we may have forgotten!

Why MuCoWa

We make extensive use of multithreading, this boosts the speed of MuCoWa dramatically.

Adding coins, creating new useful features. That's why you should choose MuCoWa.

3 Professionals
The sofware is developed by professional software architects and engineers.